Living in a new country without a job can be a challenge.


The Danish labour market can sometimes feel impenetrable to an international, especially if you are still in the process of learning Danish. Whether you have a partner who is employed here, have just graduated from an education or are between jobs, we can help you navigate the Danish labour market and help you move forward into fulfilling employment

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Our work is based on the manual “A practical guide to Effective Job Seeking” written by Conni Riksted.


"I met Conni Riksted through a course that she organised called Crack the Code that aimed to help international students in Denmark find jobs on the danish market. By the end of the course I was able to write effective job applications, know how to present myself at interviews and even got an internship in a succesful company with a promise for full time employment.

Conni has been devoted, motivated, energetic and succesful at helping me at every stage of my job search."

Stela Hristova | UX Designer & Concept Developer | Markers






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