14 WEEKS packed with everything you need to find, apply for and secure a new job!

Throughout the course you will receive

Tailored information and advice on the Danish labor market, Danish culture and job search
The manual “Effective Job Searching” filled with knowledge, practical examples and tips
Easy to understand and relatable training in, for example, personal impact, positive body language, personal effectiveness and job searching
Knowledge sharing
Personal action plan - for your job search
3 networking meetings with employers and employees relevant to your profile
Personal coaching on your material and presenting yourself

Where and when
There will be one meeting per week of 1 hour duration - a total of 14 hours. The meetings are held at riksted effekten, Fabriksparken 4, DK-9230 Svenstrup.

Focus your job search
Change is a natural part of our lives. And right now you’re in the middle of a crucial change.

I know that job searching is hard work. It takes courage, knowledge and energy for you to be completely aware of who you are, what you can do and what you want. Only then can you market your¬self as an attractive employee.

Personal job counselling
Right now it’s all about you. About what you want and need. I am at there for you as an advisor and sparring partner. Our conversations and work together are 100% confidential.

Good sparring challenges you. Provides new perspectives, inspiration and a set of tools, so you can set goals, and man¬age the expectations of the pressures and challenges you face - now and in the future.

You will get an honest approach. A fresh look at yourself and your sit¬uation. You will be asked the hard questions and get a helping hand, some tough love or a wake-up call.

What you get

BREAK BARRIERS has 5 focus areas:

Understanding you: your goals, values and aspirations
Identifying your skills: Personal and professional skills, success stories and achievements
Clarification of what you are aiming for and why. Identifying the steps to getting a job - creating direction, taking responsibility and acting to reach your goal
Presenting and marketing yourself as an attractive employee
Knowledge of the Danish labor market and culture

Purpose of Break Barriers

Build yourself up for a new start – with faith in the future
Motivate and stimulate
Breaking down barriers and obstacles
Create and seize opportunities
Undertake specific activities that bring you in direct contact and cooperation with businesses

The activities depend on your wishes and needs - it could be working with:

Improving your job searching material; CV and application
Unsolicited job search
Presenting yourself
Training in interview techniques
Personal appearance
Feedback from businesses, experts from your field etc.