Welcome to riksted effekten!

Here at riksted effekten, we focus on building a strong relationship and working together in your new job search. We have high ambitions and are only satisfied when you are thriving in your new job. We use our in-depth knowledge of the labour market, our large network among private companies and our specialisation in the development and coaching of people to bring you to your dream job.


Our successrate in 2017 was 61,7%

Unskilled, skilled, academic or spouse – you are welcome to come here for advice tailored to you. We are experienced sparring partners for those both with and without business experience – whether you are looking for your first job, are looking to change profession or need some specialised career advice.

If you are currently unemployed, you can possibly get the cost of the course covered by your jobcenter.

We understand that job seeking is hard work that requires courage, knowledge and energy for you to know who you are, what you can do and what you want. This is the only way you can market yourself successfully as an attractive employee. We have experience in the entire process - and want to help you!

The starting point in our coaching is always you: your situation, your aspirations and your needs.

In the first few sessions, we will look at your competencies, success stories, and personality which we hold up against your aspirations and needs. The goal is to focus your job seeking. Throughout the process, we will actively listen, challenge and contribute with constructive feedback.

Next, we will focus on the relevant opportunities available, including specific jobs, networking interviews, internships and wage-subsidised positions. Together we will create a realistic and focused plan that we can continue to work from. We cover the application process, networking meetings, job interviews and more, using methods continuously implemented, evaluated and strengthened as we go along.
Our work is characterised by our values of presence, innovation and action. We are active in the whole process shaped around your wishes, needs and individual situation.


Our work is based on the manual “A practical guide to Effective Job Seeking”.

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